What Problem Are You Solving?

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Outside the box


Of Course It Works …!

Do you know what’s funny? When I buy a piece of exercise equipment, the equipment should NEVER get the spotlight OR the blame, if I’m in shape or not. No matter how hard “Bow Flex” try’s telling me that machine will work magic and I’ll be in the best shape of my life after purchasing […]



How To Get More Leads

“I want more leads.” It’s funny.  I may be speaking with a Mortgage Professional who is really struggling with closing deals of clients they already have. Sometimes these clients are choosing their local Bank for a messily service fee or a lower rate by 3 BPS – or for whatever other reason. BUT When speaking […]

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About THEM

I have a question for you…? Do you have a website? – – – 5 years ago many Mortgage Professionals wouldn’t have been able to say yes.  Today, I’m betting almost everyone has a website. If fact, many of the National Brokerages were just beginning to build the template websites you’ll see many Brokers have […]

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Surprise Survey Results

The other day I asked a segment of my list to complete a quick and anonymous survey. In exchange for their time and information to complete the survey, I offered them a previously paid version of a “lite” Sales course I sold online for $19.99 – for FREE. Here Are The Top Questions And Surprise […]

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5 Reasons People Say NO in a Mortgage Sale

I was speaking recently with one of our Mortgage Professionals Academy members struggling with lead conversion and competitive tactics from the banks and on-line discounters.  Of course there are many different small tactical things I might do throughout my sales process to increase my chances but I though in this post I might actually take […]

Sales Leadership Webinar



Disintermediation simply means cutting out the middle man.  We’ve seen this happen in other industries you may know …  What about travel agents, remember them? Of course disintermediation significantly disrupted the music industry. I’m sure you get the point.  Eventually the middle man is cut out? Why? Because markets are efficient.  The market wants their […]

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Really? Bloomberg Weekly Did What?

The other day, I was having lunch at Urban Bean in my building, here in Calgary. As I was waiting for my soup to be poured, I wandered over to a table with several magazines on it. One of them looked like a “teeny-bopper” Justin Bieber kind of magazine. You know the ones, right? They’re really flamboyant, with […]



“Look At Me” Vs “I See You”

I want to share a proven concept with you  that can really impact your business and is something you can begin to implement immediately to generate more leads. We’re going to be talking about the difference in “image based marketing” and “direct response based marketing“. Image based marketing is something like a fancy billboard, bus bench, […]

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How To Make More Money

My last couple of posts have been about TIME and BELIEF. I had fun writing that for you because we un-covered how to reframe an excited Black woman and flick that little devil whispering into my ear, sitting on my shoulder. Today we’re going down the road of MONEY … …this isn’t going to be […]

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