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How To Attract Customers

How To Attract Customers

Attracting customers is the name of the game. What if you could build a system that consistently attracted customers interested in your services ...while you sleep no less!

New World Marketing

New World Marketing

Old World marketing was about volume and numbers. New World marketing is about customer engagement ....



The 10 Year Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy has given the best results I have seen in my 23 year career

Brian Matthey


Miles Kulik

I really like Greg, his ideas and programs. I have been using the 3G process and seeing good results!

Harold Hagen

180 is making a difference! My fundings are up over last year even though New Brunswick market is down and I’ve been using the lead tracking system for a couple of months religiously.  Had a lead (who’s broker had gone out of business) who’s Firstline mortgage was up for renewal and did the ‘they get first shot at it so go talk to them and ask these questions’. When I touched base later I found out that it was only a $22K mortgage so it made sense for them to stay where they were but the process worked because I received a referral from her as she was so impressed by my approach.

Larry Ellis