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How To Attract Customers

How To Attract Customers

Attracting customers is the name of the game. What if you could build a system that consistently attracted customers interested in your services ...while you sleep no less!

New World Marketing

New World Marketing

Old World marketing was about volume and numbers. New World marketing is about customer engagement ....



Just about to get a signed commitment on a deal where I followed the strategic 180 approach from the start.  The 180 questions are so powerful.  When I said “so what are you going to say when the lender comes back and matches my rate’, he said ‘what do you want me to say’?  Loved that!  Client even said “he’d be happy to pay a bit extra to know he has me in his corner”.  180 has given me massive confidence and I am very grateful.

Caroline Lennox

The course and content is great.  I am using the 3G and Strategy Session approach and finding it effective for getting people off of rate focus and also positioning myself to talk to them last.  The 10 year report has helped me close a couple of deals lately as well!

Tim Doherty

“I was looking for a little bit of mentor ship and some advice.  And a little bit more direction on how to generate more leads and ultimately build my business …” Watch Testimonial Here

Robin Clegg

Had a renewal client who called asking for a 2 year, but after following the 3G sales process my client is now convinced that a 10 year is the way to go.  I am asking the right questions in the Intelligence gathering phase,  ’do you plan on talking to anyone else’ and use the shopping around questions.  I find it to be an effective strategy for building trust with my leads.


Rita Wagner