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How To Attract Customers

How To Attract Customers

Attracting customers is the name of the game. What if you could build a system that consistently attracted customers interested in your services ...while you sleep no less!

New World Marketing

New World Marketing

Old World marketing was about volume and numbers. New World marketing is about customer engagement ....



I am seeing the impact of the Inflation Hedge Strategy with clients at the Strategy Session.  It really helps make them aware of issues they hadn’t previously considered. Used the process up against a 2.99% RBC deal and after the Strategy Session they decided to go with a 10 year.  The wife was a bit hesitant still so I sent some economic news articles and they are now going 10 yr closing in Jan.

Brad Lockey

Before joining 180 Degree Coaching my closing ratio was 28%.  Due to the sales training I have been getting from the 180 team, my closing ratio is now 72%.  My business has completely changed for the better in the last 10 months.

April Corbett

“I was looking for a little bit of mentor ship and some advice.  And a little bit more direction on how to generate more leads and ultimately build my business …” Watch Testimonial Here

Robin Clegg

The 2 step sales process is working well and I have been starting to use the Inflation Hedge Strategy.  I have been taking Greg’s advice to approach Realtors on a step by step approach and not going for the jugular in the first meeting (think this could be worth a $50K relationship).  Also stating to them that “I am approaching them as a Partner with intention of creating long lasting relationships” rather than the traditional relationship between broker/relator. I have much stronger ground now.

Jason Scott